INSPO: 8 Ways To Wear Deco The Halls

INSPO: 8 Ways To Wear Deco The Halls

Picture this- you grab your Deco The Halls nail art sticker sheet ready to give yourself a holiday mani, but when you start hovering your tweezers over the sheet, you start to panic. What design should I do? Here are 9 designs from the community you can be inspired by.

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Gold Snowflakes

There’s no way to “mess up” the snowflake look. Apply directly in the center of the nail, or scatter them randomly for a fuller nail art look. Pair with sparkles and stars for extra holiday flair.

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Funky Frenchies Pt. 1

Funky frenchies are on trend right now, and small stickers are an easy way to fill in some of the negative space.

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Sugar Plum Tips

You have to choose between white or gold snowflakes when you use the Deco The Halls sheet, but the options for what colors and designs you paint underneath are infinite. Sparkle tips are an easy nail art hack if you’re unsure about your ability to paint precise French Tips as the texture of the glitter is forgiving.

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Sticker Dump!

A sticker dump is always fun and festive! If you layer any stickers, make sure you’re using a thick enough top coat to seal all of the edges.

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Accent Nails

For more minimalist sticker looks, choose one or two nails as your sticker accents. Bonus points for the “snow” polka dots!

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Stickers on White

When in doubt, paint your nails white and apply stickers until satisfaction is reached.

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Funky Frenchies Pt. 2

This versatile nail art trend can be worn in any color.

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Sparkles on Anything

We’re taking the glitter on everything approach, but with baby sparkle stickers.

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