INSPO: Styling Stay Groovy

INSPO: Styling Stay Groovy

In this series, you'll find multiple ways to style your sticker sheets from the Deco community.

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Gold Accents

The easiest way to wear nail art stickers is on a clear or sheer pink base. Meagan expertly curated black and white stickers to mix in with the gold designs which adds variety in an aesthetically pleasing way to the look.

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Sticker Dump

Question: How many stickers is too many in a look? Answer: The limit does not exist. But really, it doesn’t.

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The Single Accent Sticker

The minimalist method for wearing nail art stickers is applying just one (or two!) to each hand.

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Groovy Florals

Flowers are never a bad design choice, and you have several options on the Stay Groovy sheet.

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Groovy Florals (Again)

Same daisies, different vibe. Pairing the stickers with a translucent base is a fun option if pink or clear isn’t enough for you.

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Create A Scene

You can make an entire whimsical garden scene with your Stay Groovy stickers. The more sparkles and butterflies, the better.

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Bold Base

There’s no greater nail statement than a bold base color paired with nail art stickers.

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