Be Mine Flat Lay Image Valentine's Day Nail Art

BE MINE: Behind The Design

So I have a confession... every February, I eat at least one bag of Brachs Conversation Hearts. I was very upset when said they were discontinuing them, but they're back, (Were they ever "gone"? Was it all a marketing scheme to get us to hoard them?), and I'm headed to a drugstore after I finish this post to get my bag for the season. 🙈



Conversation Hearts are the focus of the Be Mine sheet partly because of my sweet tooth, and mostly because of the nail community's obsession with painting them this time of year. I decided to keep the design very simple so that the vibrant pastel colors are the focus of the sticker and they stand out on any base color. If you look closely, I kept the text color canon with dark red. I omitted the white hearts from the sheet because only psychopaths like to eat those.

As for the rest of the sweets on the sheet, the gum ball machine was the most fun to draw and every time I look at it, I can taste the bitter food coloring that came with chomping down on the dark purple balls. My best friend had a toy gum ball machine at some point, I thought it was so cool but didn't want to "copy" her and get my own.



We can all agree that checkers are having a moment, so I had to include a few checkered hearts in this sheet. Obsessed with the periwinkle ones. (Side note- I don't think of Deco as having a "brand color", but if I had to choose one, it would be that periwinkle color. 💜)



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