The holidays are here, which means it's time to break out the gift guides and start working on that shopping list. Lucky for you, you've come to the right place for affordable beauty stocking stuffers (if you shop at Sephora, you know that's basically not a thing) and customizable gifts that show how well you know your friends and family.

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Sticker Stocking Stuffers

Gift holiday nail art stickers before the 25th, or enjoy them with friends and family on the big day. At just $8.00 each and over 25 designs to choose from, you can stuff those stockings well. See more here.

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Nail Art Sticker Stocking Stuffers

Once you start using a glass nail file, you'll never go back to the emery boards. Glass files are ideal for lightly filing natural nails to prevent frays and breaks. See more here.

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Y2K Lover

Once you make the change to glass files, you never go back to the emery boards. Ideal for filing natural nails, Deco's glass files come in multiple colors. See more here.

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Y2K Face Stickers

The Sunny Side Up sheet is one of Deco's most popular sticker styles and universally loved by everyone who has an appreciation for butterflies and smiley faces. Yes, those are tiny avocado stickers too. See more here.

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Cuticle Oil Gift Set

This Deco gift set houses all four cuticle oil scents (coconut, lavender, watermelon, and lemon blossom) in one box. Deconstruct it to gift it to four people, or keep them together to gift to one lucky person. See more here.

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New York Dreamers

We all know someone who loves NYC. Give the gift of New York, it's basically like having the keys to the city-- but nail art. See more here.

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Customizable Trio Sets

The Customizable Trio Set is the most efficient way to precisely curate your Deco gift in the most giftable packaging. See more here. 

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Rainbow Stickers

The Lucky Charm sheet features tiny stickers for the smallest nails, and is recommended for younger sticker enthusiasts. See more here.

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